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Selling stocks
Thanks to its international connections, our company sells a wide range of new and recycled plastic granules used in injection moulding. You can find thousands of different kinds of new and recycled granules here.

We sell, for example:
  • STANDARD PLASTIC stock materials
    (ABS , ASA , SAN/styrenes , PMMA/polymethyl metacrylate, POM/polyacetales, PC/polycarbonates, PA/polyamide.)
    (ABS, ASA, SAN/sztirolok, PMMA/polimetil-metakrilát, POM/poliacetálok, PC/policarbonátok, PA/poliamidok)
    (LCP/liquid crystallic polymers, PSU PES/polysulfone-polyether sulfone, PEEK PEI/polyethers, PPS/polyphenilene sulfide)

Purchasing waste
  • Our company purchases plastic waste from all types of production in no time and for cash. We do not, however, buy regrind and contaminated waste! Prioritized purchase materials are ABS, HDPE-LDPE, PE, PC, PMMA, PS.

Grinding and lease grinding
  • Our company operates three machines to make regrind from plastic waste in order to prepare the recycling of the material. We lease grind our clients’ own materials for 30,- Ft + VAT / kilograms.


  • 8111 Seregélyes - Jánosmajor Agrofree Ipari Park 025/61
  • 8111 Seregélyes-Jánosmajor, Agrofree Ipari Park 8. épület
  • +36-70-392-4254
  • info@fehervarplastic.hu

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